About PDR

About PDR

Founded in 1998, PDR Xray Systems has become a world leader in providing high-quality industrial X-Ray solutions to specifically address the needs of the Semiconductor, PCBA, Medical Device, Government, and NDT communities.

Noted for high image quality and affordability, PDR XRAY Systems is the product of Engineering Teams formerly associated with GenRad, Teradyne, and Nicolet Xray Imaging Systems. This overarching expertise in the field of X-ray technologies has led to the development of superior performance PXI technology that forms the backbone of each PDR X-Ray system.

PDR believes that X-Ray design, manufacturing, research and development, software engineering, and engineering support are best kept under one roof. This Vertical organization structure has proven to be essential to providing our customers with real-time application solutions and the best customer-focused support experience in the industry.

Based in California, USA, PDR X-Ray Systems are supported worldwide via PDR’s network of Global Field Agents and Technicians to address your application specific X-Ray requirements.

PDR’s small to medium form factor design and ability to upgrade to higher kV X-Ray tubes without a cabinet change, has helped PDR X-Ray to become a dominant leader in X-Ray for firms wishing to maximize their floor space, as well as for firms with the need for maximum flexibility over the long haul.

PDR X-Ray’s experience with Industry partners include Firms and Agencies in the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Nuclear, Medical, and EMS sectors of the Global economy. Whether a custom solution is demanded or the implementation of PXI Patented technology for specialized applications, PDR X-Ray Systems deliver application solutions for a wide variety of X-Ray applications.

At PDR we believe that building an X-Ray System that not only offers the highest image quality possible but also delivers on price affordability and software capability, is key to our industry success story.

PDR is a certified VOSB Company Specializing in both X-Ray and Rework Systems for Industry.